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Wohn-Land Swiss

Our listing platform use technology, which drives up interest, ensures that the maximum number of qualified buyers view your home, and ultimately leads to more and better offers. Not only do home sellers save money thanks to our flat fee listing model—they also make more money on the actual sale itself.

When it comes to selling your property, our real estate portal is dedicated to delivering a complete suite of services – outstanding presentation, strategic marketing, genuine client service, and superior sales skills. Combined, these core ingredients lead to a premium outcome at any price point, whether you’re selling a simple studio or a multi-million-dollar home.


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Sell your home directly
Getting a competitive cash offer from Wohn-Land is an easy path to sell your home, with more control and less prepwork. You sell your home as-is and get paid with no surprises, while we take care of the rest.

A True Full Service Offering
Don’t let the cost savings fool you. You get everything you would expect from a traditional real estate agent, but with the added benefit of working with a technology-enabled, customer-focused agent team.

Never Pay High Commissions
For far too long organizations have worked to protect an old business model and high commissions. Wohn-Land was founded with the belief that the use of modern technology and the expertise of licensed professionals is the way of real estate in the future. Our goal is to save each customer thousands on their real estate transaction while simplifying the process.

Safety and complexity
You can sell your own home without the services of a real estate professional, but selling a home is a complex process. Our Wohn-Land platform is there to make it easy for you.